Drill Pipe Hardbanding Machine
Brief Specifications and Introduction

Features and Functions:
Major components are made in Japan, light-weight and easy to operate. The unit can be installed either in Plant and dog house. The hardbander can apply all kinds of Arnco hardbanding wires (100XT, 150XT, 300XT, 350XT) , tungsten carbide onto tool joints for new or used drill pipe, and HWDP as well. Designed with good ventilation and darkened glass sliding doors for protection of the operators health and eyes. Open Hole and 18 tilt chuck can apply on center pad of HWDP and shoulder on box end.
Hardbander Configeration:
Welder & Wire Feeder:
Panosonic, Esab or Lincoln
Manual / Pneumatic or Electrical Powered
Water Cooled
Control Panel:
English Language
Program Unit :
(PLC) Mitsubishi, Japan
Trouble Shooting:
LCD Diagnose Display
Welding Mode Setting:
Manual / Automatic / Memory
Overall Dimension (L x W x H):
1,840 x 1,200 x 1,565 mm
Net Weight (Without accessories):
1,260 Kg
Environment Operating Temperature:
- 20 to + 45 C
01 Drill Pipe Hardbander FYH C I Asking for Quote? Manual Chuck&Jack,without 18Tilt
02 Drill Pipe Hardbander FYH C II Asking for Quote? 18Tilt Chuck, Power Chuck & Jack
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